Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Walk the other way.....

Yesterday I was chatting with someone about their life principles-amongst the several things they shared ,what really caught my attention was their saying they lived their life not based on what they know they want but by walking away from what they do not want. I thought it was an interesting way to live but I just had to experience it. So when we offered to take them for a walk, we asked him which way he did not want to go and guess what? He snubbed the direction with your usual park, popular buildings, and interesting shops and so it seems we were headed the ‘other way. Disregarding the little protest in my mind about how we were leaving the usual fun stuff and choosing to embrace an open mind we set out in the other direction.

 Granted there was not much to show in the form of scenery and building, we got caught up in small chat about life, ideas and opinions we ended up walking further than we would have planned and I learnt so much in a small while. Looking back at that little chat and stroll I have picked a few things that I will just quickly share here about daring to walk away from what we know we do not like and embarking on the paths untrodden and uncertain

1.It grows you-when you throw yourself into the unknown because there are really no set boundaries you just keep applying yourself tirelessly and as such you keep growing. As you are amazed at just how much you can actually do, it serves as inspiration to do so much more. Outside the comfort zone, achievement does not say this is it we are done, it says instead oh wow, so how much more can we do and become.
2. The possibilities are endless- because the road has never been walked before you are not necessarily tied and restricted to previously paved out routes. It is entirely up to you to choose which way to go and should that one fail you are not necessarily distressed as you know there are 101 other paths you can pursue and as such you are always excited and raring to go
3. When you are out of the comfort zone you tend to learn what is really important and you focus on it. Away from the pursuit of the ordinary you are bound to learn what really is important. Say for example you choose not to become an accountant though it pays very well but choose instead something you are passionate about, you will sooner learn that the actual purpose of work is significance and service and so you learn to grasp the real valuables of life.

I have set my mind to live a full life, each day grabbing random opportunities, exploring new things and just trying out life. In this journey I have learnt so much, have found myself enjoying the liberation from fear, dogma and unfounded expectations. It’s an amazing journey as I discover people, myself and life as a whole. Yesterday  a random chat with Ian Kamau and Ano gave me a little insight, an awesome perspective to life and a good stroll . Here is to hope you dare to walk away from what you do not want, I promise as you go you will find so much more you like and live a little more excitingly. 

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