Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Whose life are you living?

I am constantly wondering about people who allow other people to define their activities, plans, careers, dreams and even dressing. Regardless of the fact everyone gets their own twenty four hours deposit every morning, some people still insist on living and planning other people's lives. It is a generous gesture to assist others who genuinely need our help to get an errand or two done for them, but living your whole life around other people’s plans, ideals and dreams!!  With all due respect to the authority in our lives who guide and direct our choices and decisions but may I ask, whose life are you living?

Have you ever received a call from a friend asking what you are up to? If you were to say nothing they would ask you to do something for them and you pretty much have no excuse not to. On the other hand though, if you had other plans your friend would probably ask someone else to help them. Dr. Stephen Covey (bless his soul) in the Seven Habits of Highly effective people talks about a first and second creation. The first creation is the mental planning of anything before it’s actually done. The execution then becomes the second creation. When we do something planned by someone else, we are merely living out someone else’s first creation. If you do not make your own first creation, someone else will and you will just manifest the second creation. Take responsibility for your own life. A day or two without a plan you could get away with, but a lifetime! It is a scary thought that someone would go through all their life without clearly defining what they want or dream of.  Everyone needs to come up with a detailed plan of their own life if. It may be hard to know exactly what you will do in the next twenty years but if you even have as much as a general idea that you want to be financially independent in ten years then at least tomorrow you are guided against wasting your money on someone else’s first creation of a night out. This is your life-Take responsibility for it!! Making your own life’s first creations means that you define what you want, define the action plan then focus on getting that done. 

This is not a call to disrespect the needs and advice of the people who genuinely look out for our best interests.  I firmly believe there is safety in the multitude of counsel-right and wise counsel that is. Good deeds define and nurture the good heart of a great person. I am making a call instead to us taking responsibility for our own lives, purpose and destiny. The seed of greatness within each one of us is meant to grow into a unique tree that cannot be nurtured using other people’s plans. Look within yourself and make your own first creations. Dare to make your own first creations and live them out because at the end of the day it is YOUR life so go ahead and take ownership of it

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