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Law of Relationship Gain!

As we have already established, humans are social or relational creatures. Our lives thrive on our relationships. As such it is important for us to study as much as is possible about how we relate to people and how relationships in turn affect our life and the success we attain.
Laws are principles or universal truths that govern the way people or objects interact. All students are familiar with laws, in physics and science there is the common Newton’s Laws of motion that govern the relationship between objects’ motion and the forces exerted on the object. This law simply governs the net gain (or loss) that one obtains from their relationships.
Relationships in this law are defined as any mutual dealings between people or any other such parties as organizations and countries.
Every human being as already stated is in some of relationships; as such they are also automatically part of some networks. They can be part of these relationships or networks by design or accidentally. The ideal situation is that every human being should be able to participate in any network they belong to while they also benefit from that network. A person is usually as successful as their network is. This is a truth that finds its basis from the fact that no man is an island. It therefore follows that if any man achieves or fails, they are reflecting on the net gain of their relationships in their life.

The Glen’s Law of relationship gain therefore simply states that, “When two Human entities engage into a relationship they are at different levels of leverage. However after a certain period of time, they will reach an equilibrium; holding all other relationships constant.”
When two human beings consummate a relationship they will always be at difference leverage levels; one may be more successful than the other. However if we hold all their other relationships constant, that is assume that they will not relate with any other party outside themselves only these two will reach an equilibrium due to relationship pull and push forces.
This follows that every human being you interact with has an effect on the achievements you attain whether negative or positive. However the total effect of all your relationships is the result of your success that we all see. This is why it is very important to analyse each and every association you have in life to investigate what effect it has on you individually and the total impact it bears on your success.
This does not mean in any way that whenever you see someone who is of less benefit then you get rid of them. People are at different success levels for various reasons and you need to be cognisant of them. However never keep an associate or a friend who is lower than you because of their laziness and unwillingness to climb up in their achievement levels. What this person will only do is continuously bring you down to their level until you reach an equilibrium with them that is lower than them. There are some people though who might be lower than you in terms of leverage levels, that you will have to bolster up and bring up to a level higher than you met them. The advantage of having such people is that when they climb up, their net growth is not entirely from you, so as you help them they will also bring to you what they acquire from their other relationships which will benefit you.
Before you join any network remember every network has a net success value that can be tagged to it. The net success value of a network is not the sum of the individuals. It is far much greater than that because it will compound every member individual gain and give you the product of the individual levels.
Networks are therefore very crucial and you need to be part of them. They will accelerate your success in no time if you effectively participate in them. Networking is a very delicate art that every success candidate should master. From the law of relationship gain, it can be derived that the success we attain is as a result of the net effect of the relationships we keep.
Take your time now to carefully analyse why you spend time with the people you do; what benefit is it to you? Who is benefiting from those relationships? If all your relationships are with people that benefit from you then you are slowly and surely depleting yourself. All your networks should have more people higher up and fewer lower than you so that you grow.
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