Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Step out a little further.....

Why do the boundaries of our comfort zone seem to always be a step ahead of us the very next day? Have you ever also felt the thrill of having overcome your fears slowly dwindle to that feeling of settling and comfort as more challenges are presented? As I have sought to be and do more- I have learnt that your comfort zone will give you enough seemingly valid excuses like I am busy, I am not really good at that or let me just stick to what I know. Yet most people of notable significance are of such varied skills and commitment it would never be possible to achieve so much whilst validating excuses I have since observed them to people who step out a little further out every day. Allow me to share just four of the many people who have been inspiring me lately.

*Tsitsi Mutendi- a mother and a wife who is the founder and editor of Jewel magazine,  a fashion designer for Mucha  and also a brand ambassador
*Nyaradzai Gumbonzvanda- A dynamic woman who is a lawyer by profession and has committed to empowering young women and women generally using her influence from sitting on various boards to be the voice for significance. A dynamic leader who sits at world level boards yet firmly rooted in her identity and grounded family person.
 * Glen Dhliwayo my business partner-high flying engineering student, blogger and columnist, young  leader and board member on notable youth organisations
* Rabison Shumba -A family man , motivational speaker, profound author, Technology specialist, an executive at a leading company  a father and a husband

These four people I have mentioned were at some point faced with challenges, fears and excuses that they chose not to validate but dared to dream and believe. I will also quickly point out that their growing influence and significance are testimony to regular questioning of whether this is their best and the willingness to take on new challenges. Please note these people have attained the ordinary benchmarks of success –good jobs, good education and families but they dared to believe and challenged themselves to be even more, to pursue their dreams and be significant to the empowerment and growth of others. I am also certain that there are so many other hats they wear that I may not have mentioned. Before you settle in a false state of satisfaction from your job, your family and your education just ask yourself-what could be, if I took one more step?

The optimum zone is always shifting as long as you have achieved a certain level of achievement there is still room within you to do more and be better. Significance refuses to find comfort in yesterdays achievements but wakes up every morning and asks how can I improve today? This is not a question asked in January when drafting resolutions but every single day. Daily they challenge their fears and excuses and dare to take on challenges they may ordinarily be not qualified for, have the time for and commit to make it work and be their very best. Every time when you have comfortably finished anything you do, just before you smile proudly and walk away- ask yourself how you can do more and step out a little further everyday.  Neale Walsh rightfully said Life begins at the end of your comfort zone and I can attest that the bliss of having done more than you ordinarily can take on compares to nothing. When you have done the good, step out a little further and be your optimum possible........

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  1. Thank you for featuring me on your blog. Brilliant article. We should never nurse excuses. There is no good excuse under the sun. Any excuse (justifiable or not) is out to decimate the seeds of greatness in us. While one wallows in their excuses, other people facing even tougher situations can make great strides. Thank you Tafadzwa



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