Monday, 1 July 2013

Embrace, release and run again!!!

Okay so its six months gone already and most of the resolutions and goals on your lists are still unticked and the frustration is really getting to you? No need to pull your hair out or kick the dog, keep calm and take a deep breath. The temptation is always there to kick yourself hard, let the frustration blind your effort or even give up but a new insight occurred to me-how about if you embraced the lessons from the delays, release the regret for what you may have done differently and run into the remaining half year with renewed enthusiasm?

The first step is to take a deep breath and have an honest look at why you have not progressed as fast as you may have planned to. Until you take time to really check where it is you went wrong in the last six months, the next six might turn out the very same way and far be it from you that you waste the whole year. So at this point I would say have that critically honest evaluation of what kept you from executing your plan and resolve to get it right. It could have been that you may not have managed your time very well, did not anticipate all the other responsibilities that then came your way or you just really are not sure what happened. Either way it is not too late to learn that you need to make a deliberate effort to get where you want to be at, deliberately avoid past pitfalls and stick to what worked well.

Yet again there are things you still believe you could have done differently and you just can’t seem to forgive yourself for not grabbing the opportunity. Understandably so, some may have seemed like the once in a lifetime opportunity that would have been your big break but  what good is that guilt trip besides blinding you to other opportunities currently in front of you? It would be an even worse tragedy if you miss more opportunities weeping over that one you already lost. It’s gone and if you really can’t bring it back then just let it go. No point in weeping over spilt milk so forgive yourself, release the regret and run with renewed enthusiasm,

There is still six more months in the year. Drawing strength from the lessons learnt, foundations built and the freedom from regret , run after your dreams with renewed enthusiasm. I am constantly amazed by the power of keeping keeping on because every time you try again you are wiser in at least one more way. So how about it, take time today to reflect on the last half year and decide on the necessary changes for a brighter last half of 2013.  Remember-though you cannot do everything, do not let it stop you from doing that which you actually pursuit of significance.....

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  1. "It doesnt matter if you try and try and try again and fail.It does matter if you try and fail,and fail to try again." Unknown

    Good words Taffy wil keep on tryin...



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