Thursday, 4 April 2013

Scatter Your Seeds To Gather Your Harvest

Many want to harvest, but only few want to sow before harvest. Some wants to harvest without first sowing. Anyone who harvests without sowing could be likened to a thief. We all have seeds in the form of talents, gifts, abilities, ideas, etc. but only few are willing to nurse and grow their seeds for future harvest.  There is no use of a seed if it’s not nursed and nurtured into plants for fruits and tubers. A seed may even die if it’s kept too long on the shelves without nursing in the soil. Your seed of talent will wither and atrophy if kept unused for long.

The way to reap from your seeds of talents, ideas, gifts, etc is to “scatter” them on the right soil to germinate and grow for a bountiful harvest. The volume or quantum of your harvest is determined by the type of soil and the size of the land. If you scatter your seeds on a small piece of land, you harvest a minimal quantity of harvest; where as if you scatter on a large stretch of land, your harvest will be very large. You may choose to scatter your seeds on a small or large piece of land, according your faith and abilities. Choose to increase your faith and abilities in proportion to how large you want to harvest and gather. You may start with a small business, but don’t let your small business make you a small-minded person. You can advance your small business to a regional, national and to international business, serving people without boundary.

Don’t keep your seeds sitting idle. Begin to tilt the land! Scatter your seeds as far as you can and wait patiently for your bountiful harvest. Your seeds will not die! Your dream will not die! You shall not die with your dream in side you! Wait for your greatness! See you soon with a testimony!

Enjoy your worklife!

About the Author
EMMANUEL WOYOME is a Career Coach, Trainer, Author & Speaker. He speaks, writes and coaches on Career & Personal Development. He is the author of two books and a sought-after speaker for Universities, High Schools, Churches and Workplaces. E-mail:

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