Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Milestone Reached, now Reaching for the Stars!!!

10 000 views reached, yes Ten Thousand Views reached on this site.
We are excited and happy, and we are grateful for every hit, every comment, every share and every like, and all we can say is we owe it to you!!
Now that we have reached this milestone we are bringing a fresh look and feel.
Expect the following for your motivated reading pleasure:
v Shorter articles that you can read through within lesser than the previous time

v Highly valuable content

v Fresher and more contemporary presentations

Thank you very much, looking forward to reaching more milestones as we motivate the world one person at a time.
Stay on the path to greatness!!!
Glen Dhliwayo
C.E.O of Contemporary Motivation™ (A division of Develop Inc.™ )
Tafadzwa Geraldine Bete
C.O.O of Contemporary Motivation™ (A division of Develop Inc.™ )

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