Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Reflect, celebrate and re-focus

01 April 2013 was a particularly exciting day and it's still an exciting week- new week, new month and even a new quarter- way better than new years. It's a perfect time to reflect on progress thus far, celebrate milestones attained and renew the enthusiasm to pursue goals. 

Reflecting on what we have done so far and how it was done allows us to measure the efficiency of our methods and efforts.  What have you done so far towards your goal? Have you given it you very best? Honestly evaluate your efforts, accept any shortcomings and draw lessons from the experiences henceforth.  Use those lessons to guide your action plan going forward.

Milton Kamwendo says ‘whatever you do not celebrate will diminish in value to you’ and I found that so deep and profound. Do not let your efforts and achievements so far lose value!!  Take time to see what you have done right in the last three months and celebrate it. You may not be the first person to hand in assignments/reports just yet but celebrate that you have not missed a deadline so far. Believe it or not there is always something to celebrate-if you cannot find anything else just celebrate that you have not given up on breathing just yet. However you choose to celebrate; let it be something that will give you the joy and gratitude of knowing you are doing something right. Go for ice cream with friends, kneel to give a prayer of thanks or do your victory dance (you better have a victory dance-you are going to need it often at the rate you are progressing)

Renew your enthusiasm-take time to remind yourself why you set out to pursue your goals in the first place. Life and its hurdles have a way of gradually making goals seem over ambitious and encourage us to settle for mediocrity but that us a sure way to failure and insignificance. You still have nine months in the year to get to that goal. Draw wisdom and guidance from the mistakes, be uplifted by the celebration and renew your enthusiasm to pursue your goals for the year. 

Remember this is your life-Do what you love and do it often. If you do not like something change it.

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  1. Thanks Taphy for these insights to give us impetus to keep on keeping on.

  2. Well done for a brilliant article.



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