Friday, 5 April 2013

Focus brings Super Extraordinary Results!!

Great boxers in the mould of Mohammed Ali the great were renowned for short fights.
They knocked out their opponents quickly, not because they hurled too many punches than their opponent but because they had the ability to focus their few punches where it matters.
In fact it usually takes just one well directed blow to knock out a rival boxer. That one well directed blow comes from focus.
You cannot achieve super great results if you have not mastered the law of focus. Focus is the difference between an average man and the greatest achievers of our generation.
Don’t spread yourself too much. If you are to focus, the intensity of your actions and efforts will be multiplied and greatly increased resulting in faster and better results.
Prioritise on a few of your great ideas and focus on them to make them produce the outcome you desired, not in an ordinary way, but in a super extraordinary way, which can only be the result of FOCUS.

Glen Dhliwayo is a Motivational Tutor, Leader and Personal Development Coach. He can be contacted on 0773641749 Twitter @365powerquotes, Facebook: Glen Dhliwayo

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