Friday, 26 April 2013

What’s on your NOT-to-do list


Have you ever thought about what you will not do or give up doing to get or do what you need to do? What bad habits are you going to starve to feed and grow the good habits you want to have?  Knowing what you want to do is only half and the easier part of goal setting, but describing what you will NOT do may be harder yet even more critical.

There is quote that say distractions are the things we see when we take our eyes off the goals. But until we learn what these distractions are, it may be very much easy to go towards them since they are not clearly marked. If you do not define exactly what you will not do it then becomes easy to do a bit of what you should not do whilst you do what you need to. Not to do lists require a lot more effort than to do lists as you have to establish what it is that is stealing your time and effort. Most distractions are actually fun and exciting but if they have no bearing on your productivity or value, you need to drop them or starve them!!

Studying two hours a day is a good goal for exam preparation but if you do not decide to switch off your phone whilst you ‘study’, you could very well spend half the time responding to messages or some Facebook thread. Exercising every day is good progress towards losing weight but if you do not decide to cut down on junk foods-it becomes two steps ahead and three back. Deciding to start setting aside money for savings every month-brilliant action plan for financial freedom but unless you decide to stop buying a new pair of shoes every month there just will not be enough to save.

I am sure you know all too well what it is that you want to do, be and have but today can I ask-what will you stop, give up and sacrifice? What is on your NOT-TO-DO list? A not to do list will help you focus better on what you need to do and draw you closer to the best of you.



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