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Shortcuts are Perilous

Those who have done O level mathematics are so familiar with the term vector? Well don’t be scared guys; this is not going to be a mathematics lesson. Most of you get Goosebumps when they hear the word mathematics right? We mentioned vectors because we shall be looking at a similar concept.
A vector is defined as the shortest straight line that joins two points. So when walking with some of the learned colleagues, at times they apply the principle of the vector. Instead of going around corners they create their own path, which is a straight line that cuts the corner. The vector is usually visible in lawny landscapes where you will see a path in the lawn indicating frequenting of the path. If you tell these colleagues not to cut corners they will often remind you that they are simply using the vector.
However in life vectors are not usually encouraged. In simple terms a vector is a short cut. Short cuts in life are usually dangerous as they result in often unforeseen circumstances. Most people especially teenagers prefer the shortcuts though as they seem to save time and energy.
Life often has paths and routes that one has to follow in order to achieve something. These paths unfortunately cannot be easily averted from without some consequences.
The reason why most young people desire shortcuts in life is because they want an easy life that comes without putting in the required effort. Most people, if not all desire the best things of life, but, few are prepared to put in the work that matches their dreams. Some people refer to our generation as the click generation because we are so used to having things coming in at the click of a button or mouse. Life does not work like that at all. Nothing comes while you are seated doing nothing.
The news has been awash with people, including young people who have been caught up in some terrible things or situations because of desiring shortcuts or an easy life. There have been cases of school pupils who were initiated into Satanism because they fall victim to the desire for short cuts. One particular case was of a child at a boarding school who had a friend who was better off and had everything she needed. Unfortunately the other student who barely survived was then initiated into Satanism by the other student because she always went to the better off student begging for food. She was told that she too could have all she wanted and she fell for it and was given a ring that she would use to bring her all she needed. That was it and she was into Satanism. Clearly this was a desire for shortcuts. Everyone knows that food or groceries are bought from the shops. They never just appear. The other student was supposed to question why a ring would make food appear just like that, unfortunately she didn’t and because of that shortcut she got involved into Satanism.
Some young girls also become involved with sugar daddies because of the desire for shortcuts. They desert their main and core activity, school, to be with these sugar daddies at times so that they can just have a bite of pizza, or at the price of the latest phone or hairstyle. Avoid such shortcuts. In the long run the shortcuts become too costly when you are pregnant and maybe infected with HIV by the sugar daddy that will always dump you after he has exploited of you. Young men too need to be aware of this as sugar mummies, or cougars as they have come to be known are on the rise in our society.
Even though they may look appealing at times, remember that not all that glitters is gold. Take your time to analyse any short cut presented to you and see if it is really a short cut or a wrong cut. Most of these things that seem too good to be true are never shortcuts. In fact if anything is too good to be true then it is not true. Do not desire to have wealth that you cannot account for clearly otherwise you will end being caught up in corruption, stealing, transactional sex, drugs, cultism or even being trafficked. Some young girls are victim to people purporting to be modelling agents who promise them big contracts and they end up being trafficked across border only to be used in brothels.
If you are still young you have many prospects and opportunities ahead of you if you make the right choices. What is important is progress and not how fast you make it. Step by step your dream will come true.
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