Monday, 4 February 2013

Who Are We Not To?

While out on the normal daily work routines my boss decided to just have a short stop in town so that he could do his banking. This left me in the car in a city fairly new to me and I had nothing to do than to let my eye roam around and just observe the city, its people and their way of life.
While my eye was roaming around in the street and observing various people as they carried on with their life unconscious of the intruding eye from a total stranger not only to them but also to the city, I suddenly fixed my eyes on something that called my attention.
I saw a couple, a visually impaired couple setting up their musical instruments so that they could start their day. The wife was busy looking for the right chord or key to use on the keyboard (Not sure about the musical terms there) while the husband was tuning the guitar. I was intrigued by this, and I made a quick silent prayer that my boss takes a little longer so that I would be able to sample their music. What made this so enticing for me was the thought that as sighted as I am I had failed on my attempt to learn the keyboard at home which is now safely packed back in its box, and I was challenged by this visually impaired woman who could play her keyboard.
While they were singing and playing their instrument, I witnessed an event that challenged my life and gave birth to a certain kind heartedness I had never experienced. An old woman well advanced in age took a note and went to the blind lady and handed her the money in her hands. By merely looking at the old lady, it was evidently clearly that she also required help and besides she was the last person expected to give as she is obviously retired, if ever she once had a job. I asked myself the question I ask you all today.
Who are we not to lend a helping hand to less privileged people around us if that old woman could? What excuse do we have to withhold goodness and kindness from other people when we can? Who says you have to be rich or wealthy to make a difference in someone’s life. I realised in that moment that, there is no large enough heart which is too poor to give; because whoever you with whatever you have you can make some one’s day better. Go ahead show a little kindness today.
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