Monday, 21 January 2013

Just pick three this year

Compliments of the New Year to everyone. Hoping  we are taking on the year with renewed zeal and determination.  To us it is an exciting time as we have resolved to take Contemporary Motivation to a new level. For starters we are going to make Contemporary Motivation a lot more interactive. We have been a receiving a lot of feedback through our inboxes and email but we would want to open up this forum for more discussions. We would like to invite your ideas and suggestions on the issues you may want to read about on this blog. Please feel free to comment on posts with your similar and different views on whatever issue we may have written about. This blog is from us to you so we would really value your input as we grow. We have created a Facebook page- Contemporary Motivation where you can receive updates on blog posts and get daily inspiration from us. Please like the Facepage and share with your friends to ensure this little inspiration along the way is received by more and more people for a world of more significant people.

When all is said and done though 2013 could very well come and go just like any other year but far be it from us that we get a fresh instalment of 52weeks and nothing changes. A few tips and pointers from us as we pursue significance  in 2013. Just pick three- This year I have decided to pick just three principles that I am going to focus on as I pursue significance in this year.  My three for 2013 are Love in action, Awareness and Hard work. I have personalised these three to define them in my own way and weave them into all my goals and resolutions. 

 I am taking love from a biblical view ( 1 Cor 13 meaning of love)and as a commitment to serve rather than a feeling.  It’s amazing how the long suffering aspect of love has seen me hold out when I am tired but need to help my someone else or how the kindness has made me hold back that sarcastic remark I would have ordinarily thrown around. I am far from not demanding my own way or forgetting all wrongs done to me but I am trying and the results of what I have gotten right so far are encouraging. For awareness I am choosing to develop a deliberate consciousness of what is going on around me. I am taking responsibility for my thoughts, words and actions in terms of how they will affect others and me in the long run. Choosing my words has not been easy in a moment of anger, neither has it been easy to control my thoughts in a boring meeting but I am trying. The little victories though have seen me swallowing potentially hurtful words and focusing on my thoughts on what I am doing at that particular time has reduced the time taken to complete tasks. I choose hard work for I have since learnt it is just but a prerequisite to anyone who has achieved any form or level of significance. I will not shy away from any opportunity to work as that is how I can reach out to others and fulfil my purpose so this year you will be seeing more of my work  in a whole lot more forums. This will cut down on my beauty snooze but I am certain that the joy of knowing I have done my best to encourage and inspire others to pursue their significance will be way more rewarding.

 You will be amazed to learn how when you choose to focus on something you realise just how much you can apply it in the different areas of your life. Significance to the whole world may not be enough to warm your heart if your own family and friends feel neglected and taken for granted so do take time to invest in your family and friends and yourself. I do not know what areas you need to improve on or have been holding you back but I encourage you to pick any three for this year and feel free to share milestones as we together pursue significance.  Remember this is your life-Do what you love and do it often, if you do not like something change it.....



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