Thursday, 6 December 2012

Stick With Your Principles

Well there are a lot of prescriptions that people will prescribe for people who want to embark on the highway of success. Most of them surely do work, though some will work for some time then they stop churning out the expected level of success.  When you reach that level then will you realise the bedrock of most motivation theories that motivational writers and authors spurn out. The Bottom line is that the foundation to any success is principles.
Principles are defined as fundamental truths or propositions serving as the foundation for belief or action, they are rules or beliefs governing one’s personal behaviour or simply morally correct behaviour and attitudes.
Principles form the spinal cord for all success motivation theories that can be produced and all leadership values that can ever be given at any time and any place in the world. Success motivation theories will shift and change according to the time that is why at any generation and interval new success theories always pop up. However principles are eternal, they are fundamental truths that will never change or shift. Principles therefore do not change with style of leadership or personal preferences.
Most of the people in this generation have been deceived by the system to think that people can avert principles and still achieve long lasting success or rather significance. That is an absolute mistruth that has been perpetuated at most by people who do not want to discipline themselves to take the high road and live a principled life. Unfortunately the people who have decided to circumvent principles form the bulk of the people in this world we live in today. As such it has become normal to live a life devoid of principles where people seek nothing but the easiest way out.
As we approach the festive season it is very important that we visit the topic of principles once more as this happens to be the time when most people abandon the core principles of their life sadly for the short lived joy or good life that the festive season has been known for. Some people commit grave violations of established principles during or before the festive season but alas they will never recover from their mistake.
Most people suddenly become increasingly uncomfortable with their life during the festive season because this season is known for extravagant shopping lifestyles that people do not live in their normal day to day life. Maybe this culture was established by the 12th pay cheque that most people get during this time better known as bonus. This has resulted in people buying luxuries they could not afford throughout the year. However some people because of their competitive nature tend to want more than they have in their plate. They want to outclass the whole neighbourhood and really live up the glamorous TV life where you just swipe and go. Unfortunately because they are not able to sustain this insatiable need for glam they end up supporting this need with money earned unethically. Have you realises how people become susceptible to earning bribes during this time of the year. They will accept that bribe because they are eyeing that new outfit or gadget or just for a few drinks. Some people will even embezzle funds even though they are very sure that a company audit will unearth this activity resulting in their arrest or loss of job. Most Children will steal money from parents or even go on to engage in illegal activities just for the love of fun and Bling. Please desist from this practise. It’s not worth it. Value your principles. One of the simplest principles of finances is, “Spend within your means.”

Most people develop new behaviours usually when their senses are hyped up and they do not have much time to consider the results of their actions. Most people started abusing substances initially during the festive season especially the youths. Most young children lose their innocence during festive seasons for various reason ranging from peer pressure to being under the influence of some substance. Whatever happens, No matter how excited you, the festive season is not the time to lose your principle but to make merry and share the goodness of life. Do not be fooled there is nothing exciting about throwing your principles outside the window.
Take your principle with you wherever you go and be assured of a wonderful time before, during and after the festive season. Those who abandon their principle will count their loss when the festive season is gone. Don’t be one of them. Have clean fun!!!
Till next week guys, happy festive season and God bless you all.
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