Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Preparing for Significance in 2013

Each beginning of year is pregnant with hopes for better fortunes. Yester year off course is gone but today, one cartoon character in the movie Kung Fu panda said, is a gift, that is why it is called the present. We have been presented with a new page to write as we chose.
It’s doubtless that everyone desires some level of success or improvement in their fortune. It is important, therefore, to note that success is a mind-set as such it can be prepared for! Make sure that as the year commences your mind is conditioned for not only success, but significance. One might wonder; why significance instead of success? Significance is a deeper form of success. It’s success with more meaning and value, which brings both happiness and fulfilment not only to the achiever but to those around them.
At the core of every human is the desire to attain a much bigger mission and goal than the goals they initially set themselves and pursue, such as position, status, wealth or riches. Eventually everyone who attains some level of success shift their mind to significance. This is because they are then able to separate the important things from the vain and trivial things.
 Let us just explore some of the ways in which you can mentally condition yourself for significance in anticipation of this promising year, 2013!
1.      Tie individual success with the common good
Individual success is appealing however collective success if fulfilling. Many people dream of driving nice flashy cars and a house on a hill. When they get what they asked for amazingly they never stop searching, they still search for more. The reason being that human need can never be satiated, it is infinite, however human fulfilment is a possibility and it can be achieved. If you tie your success with the collective good of all you will find that fulfilment and you will never search for more. Off course you will get the flashy cars and houses but more importantly you will touch lives. Strive Masiyiwa, founder of Econet Wireless, shared, in a testimony that they support 26000 orphans. This is an example of significance; yes they still make profits, but they touch many lives for good. When you set your goals, question how many lives your life will touch this year, you don’t need to be big to do it. You could start with just touching one more life.
2.      Have Clarity
Most people do not know what they want. They go on a wild goose chase for things they are not sure about. This is why they never attain any meaningful success. If you do not have clarity on goals, significance will elude you! Having clarity helps you focus. If you desire growth in your life, be clear about which area needs growth, how you will do it and why you want to do it. Never chase something without knowing why. Just because a thing is right it doesn’t mean you should do it; have clear reasons for doing it!
3.      Bite what you can chew
If you step into shoes bigger than you size you won’t walk well in them. If you bite more than you can chew you will certainly get chocked. Find a way of breaking down your targets into small achievable tasks that ultimately construct the big picture. Yes Dream big, but execute the big dream, one manageable part at a time. If you want to do everything in one go, be sure that you might never achieve anything in 2013.
4.      Find support networks
Never think you can do it alone. As you begin 2013 draw up a list of people who can be of help to your plans and goals. Share with them what you intend to do, where you require them to come in and the partnership or relationship you intend to form. Never be greedy for gains or glory; shared gain is better than no gain at all. Its better to achieve as a group and share gains than be selfish then get little or nothing at all.
5.      Get started
This is an exhausted message, but people never really get it, yet it’s the most important part. People are so good at planning and being very elaborate to detail with their blueprints. The funny thing is they never implement. If you do not get in the water you can never learn how to swim. Get in the water, get you plan in action. Beginning is accomplishment in itself. After planning and envisioning goals beginning should always follow.
May this year be a year of significance for all of you!
Till next week guys, God bless you all.
The writer is a motivational speaker
He can be contacted on glendhliwayo@gmail.com

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