Sunday, 2 December 2012

Don’t leave your heart behind

A lot of people are always faced with the herculean task of deciding what to do with their lives. Honestly that is never an easy question to answer for anyone at all especially the young and budding who are still finding their feet in life.
There are many questions people try to answer when making the very crucial of what they want their life to ultimately amount to. Unfortunately at times these are not the easiest questions to attempt. There are many factors to put into perspective while choosing your life path and as many as they are we are often faced with the dilemma of what to compromise and what to hold on to.
But what are these major decisions we have to make about our life, one may ask? Daily we are faced with choices to make. Often we are also required to make life defining decisions. These include choices on academics, occupation, career and relationships to mention just but some of them.
You need to be mentally prepared to confront decisions of such a manner before they present. Preparation helps you make more informed choices that you won’t regret for the rest of your life. Unfortunately most of the people in our societies are not capacitated to make such choices. Most do not even understand the gravity and implications of the decisions they make today and the impact those decisions have on their life.
Some people do not even know where to draw the lines on the decisions they should be helped to make and the decisions they should make themself. In the same manner some people do not know where to draw the line between the decision they should make for others and where they should just help with the process. Most parents have at one time made certain decisions for their children with the best of intentions but however those decisions have resulted in their children’s lives being a case of perpetual misery.
Our systems have inherently created a lot of misery for our very own people because it does not equip to make the best long term decisions for their life. We are faced with an education curriculum that annually churns out graduates who have gone to school just for the sake of getting educated but having made no clear decision on what they what their life to become.
Companies are full of workers who are working just for the pay cheque and nothing else because this is what the system has made them. Most people have never even experienced happiness for a single day at their workplace except on the day they get their pay cheque that is even if the pay cheque makes them happy at all.
So the reason why a lot of people have been in this fix of misery daily is either because there are certain decisions they failed to make or because their decision making process was really flawed when they made those choices.
At this point right now most of the A levels who have just finished their exams are busy making consultations and applications on University entry requirements and the like. That right there is one of the decisions that will have a long term effect on their life. How they go about making their decision at this point could either spell fulfilment or misery for them.
Unfortunately the main motivation behind these decisions is money, money and money. Those are the main reasons that have guided this generation in career choices. So when people make choices they look at the person that is living a pretty life around them and go on to do just what he is doing. Off course the logic is clear and makes sense right? If it works for them then it should work for you. But that’s a totally blurred and wrong perception. It does not always work like that. People flourish in a place where they can perform at their best. The only place where people can perform at their best is when they are doing what they really enjoy doing. That’s just it!
Do not pursue a career because it has paid off for someone. Neither should you be tied up in a career just because it makes some other people happy or think highly of you. Pursue a career that you really enjoy pursuing; one that makes you alive. Try it and see if that will not pay off and bring results.
If you do not follow your heart, well, you might just become another of the many average Joe’s of this world. You really don’t have to leave your heart behind in all that you do, go with it.
By Glen Dhliwayo

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