Friday, 16 March 2012

What Sustains a Vision?

While out in the field yesterday, one of my friends and partner in the work shared something with me that I felt would beneficial to the readership of contemporary motivation.  We were talking about vision, the vision bearer and what sustains a vision. All I will share today is Kuda’s (my friend) thoughts in my own words.
Where there is a vision there is a provision.  However having a vision, the vision bearer should be able to understand and know what sustains a vision otherwise the vision will die down. The fear of the Lord will sustain any vision. The vision bearer should be able to cast his vision to others. He should do it so well that he gets people who are willing and able to run with the vision. These should be People who are willing to adopt the vision and work to see its establishment. These are the people my friend Kuda called the sons of the vision. The vision bearer should be able to distinguish between the sons of the vision and thieves of the vision. The thieves she said are those that would run with the vision in order to steal it from the vision bearer. They are not in the vision because they believe it, but they are in it because they want the benefits. They seek to disempower the vision bearer and are after his /her position. They are there to scrutinize the vision bearer. The sons of the vision believe so much in the vision and will stand with the vision bearer; they will strengthen and encourage him to carry on even if the vision is fading. They are not there to hunt out mistakes, but to complement the vision bearer.
However any vision bearer should be wary of the following three pitfalls to all visionary men and women.
1.       Glory-                   pride
2.       Gold-                     material possessions
3.       Girls/ guys-         opposite sex
Well that was about all she told me and I thought of sharing it with all of my friends. Share a link on the walls of all your friends you know that have a vision.
By Glen Dhliwayo

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