Tuesday, 13 March 2012

You are responsible for your own happiness

Happiness is a function of our state of mind. It is determined solely by internal factors in the human and never by external factors or circumstances. True happiness wells up from within and then springs out and radiates to others. The direction of flow can never be successfully reversed to come from without to within. People can derive pleasure from external factors yes, but that pleasure will certainly die down and wither if it is not from the inside. Have you ever thought of how people take drugs and get high for a moment or even days but still revert to misery? Or how we can dance and be so soaked into the music, but still revert to our misery when the music stops and we are on our own.
True happiness is being at peace with self. It is being in love with self and accepting self, regardless of what happens to us. What happens to us can never take away our happiness, but what happens in us determines our happiness with self and others. You can never buy happiness. That is impossible and impractical. What we can successfully do is buy momentary pleasure. We can buy shots of tequila, get high and dance, but that is just it. You can never stay high eternally. One thing I am sure of is you can stay happy for the rest of your life if you want to.
So what makes us happy? What makes us happy is the conscious decision to stay happy. It is that assurance we have with self that what happens to us, or what other people do to us can never steal our happiness. What makes us happy is the realisation that we are the people responsible for our own happiness and we can never surrender it to anyone else. The bottom line is; only you are responsible for your own happiness.

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