Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Beating Procrastination

It is quiet evident and true that procrastination is the major reason why some potentially great people never became great. Not because they could not make it, not because they met impediments in their path. Not because of any difficulty, but because of procrastination they failed to make the cut. So it is true then to say, “Procrastination is the thief of time.” Procrastination like any bad habit it  has to be overcome otherwise it will become our detriment. I will give a few tips on how to beat this habit and kick it.
1.       Value time- Realise that we all live on borrowed time and that the time we have is not ours. We were never promised tomorrow. If you realise there is only one moment like this, you’ll value it. My analysis has proven that time is the greatest resource besides people. So be productive in the time that you have and you won’t surely procrastinate.
2.       Prioritise your goals- when you plan your life you will find that you have many objectives and goals, but not so many things can be done simultaneously. Prioritise your activities or you run the risk of failing. While multitasking s great, give your goals priority and do one major thing at a time. When you focus on one thing and do it so well you can move to then next goal. If you fail to prioritise you might have a lot on your plate and at the end you are frustrated and you end up procrastinating on important things.
3.       Never wait for the right conditions, create the right conditions- so many a people wait for the right time to execute their plans. The perfectly right time and environment seldom presents itself. You create it. You put work into your goal regardless of the conditions and you will see things fall in place. The good thing about momentum is that it is gained when movement happens. So start moving and create momentum for yourself.
4.       Be optimist- the saying goes, “the difference between an optimist and a pessimist is that the optimist enjoys the ride anyway.” Some people just have a negative mentality, the half empty mentality in all situations hence they never do anything. Have the half full empty mentality and see what will happen. Do not dwell on possibility of failures, you will surely do nothing. I always envision the good results of my action and I am motivated to put work.
5.       Never procrastinate, just do- as funny as it sounds, some people just procrastinate. They are optimist; they have right conditions and everything, but still procrastinate. They just need to start acting and soon they will realise they no longer have the habit. When you have a goal and a vision it is only action that will bring it to pass. So start acting
That thing you have always wanted to do, do it today and see what will happen.
By Glen Dhliwayo


  1. u know wat Glen, the 1st time i saw yo post sometime in march, i didnt get e time to read it or shud i say i didnt want to read it so i jus decided to save it in my fone n now was jus feeling way to low to do anything n of late i have bin failing to concentrate with my books bt u knw wat thanx to u, have bin to my saved pages to see wat i can get for my assignments n ges wat i open 1st.......yo post n as i was reading it i could feel a change in me....

  2. Thanks for your comment and feedback..stay motivated and blessed.



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