Monday, 26 March 2012

365 Power Quotes

The 365 power quotes are a new feature of this blog where at the beginning of the week I share 7 quotes for the whole week, one for each day. When I share a quote by some one else I will acknowledge. If there is no acknowledgement the quote is mine. look forward to these quotes beginning of every week. Hope they will be useful.

day 1:
Every life is a construct of the values and principles the man holds dear
day 2:
Those that know how to exercise the creative power of the mind live a limitless life
day 3:
Anger brings forth blabber. Never speak when you are angry.
day 4:
Being learned is more supreme to being educated; learning takes place everywhere and anytime, but education stops outside the classroom.
day 5:
Everyone has an insatiable need to be understood
day 6:
Making money is simply as easy as finding a commodity or service you can provide at a profit.
day 7:
Never project your insecurities on other people. your own insecurities are yours to deal with.

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