Monday, 20 April 2015

Learn the BASICS

Everything in life is better understood when you break it down to the basics. Did it ever occur to you that most scientific breakthroughs that have been achieved so far would have been impossible if the scientists had no knowledge of the basics? In order to understand the functionality of materials you would first need to understand the behaviour of the atoms that make up the material. For you to understand all living beings and their behaviour you would need to fully comprehend the building blocks of living organisms, the cell. Food will not revitalise your body if you are not able to break it down into smaller molecules that your body will use –this process is called digestion.
Unfortunately most people ignore the basics, and aim for the much more sophisticated and complicated. This is the reason why most people fail in their endeavours. The people who succeed in life have a penchant for breaking down everything to its building blocks before they start to attempt to understand. In any process they usually tackle the superstructure after investing time in understanding the basic structure and how it the compounds into forming the superstructure.
The beauty lies in the fact that the basics are easy to understand and easy to implement. It’s the little things that we forget or ignore to do each day that determine whether we live a fulfilling life or not. Maybe you might be waiting on great academics, economists, bankers or speakers to share a flowery financial plan to get you out of debt when the answer lies in a simple basic –Stop borrowing more and start paying back. The road to financial liberation simply begins with keeping some of the money you earn and learning how to make the money you retain increase. Before you figure out a financial plan maybe just decide to start keeping a part of your money. Whatever transformation you desire will come your way, if you learn the basics and use them.
So here’s a free tip: Whenever you are faced with any complex situation remember there is a way to break it down to its basic constituents which you can easily master and piece back together to solve the complexities you are confronted with.
This article is written by Glen Dhliwayo.
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