Thursday, 13 February 2014

Get to the bottom of it......

Have you ever had days when something is bothering you yet you just can not really put a finger to it. Could be that lingering anxiety that lasts an afternoon and disappears once you make it to that client meeting in time or that uneasiness you have had since high school that suddenly takes over you whenever you stand in front of any audience. Any anxiety we may carry is usually rooted in something much deeper than the present situation.If we do not make the commitment to sit down and deal with it, it will forever hold us in fear robbing us of the chance to fully enjoy the present and take on bigger opportunities. The question becomes do we just shrug it off, devise coping methods or we get to the bottom of it?

Getting to the bottom of it is not just dealing with the symptoms-it is the whole process of tests and diagnosis to figure out the real problem. Sometimes its much easier to shrug off the feeling and hope it will self-solve but that hardly ever happens. The elephant in the room never disappears because it is not adressed, it only grows by the day.  When you have a headache you take a painkiller and usually after a while it goes away. If that headache is however a symptom of something more complex like dehydration, you could quieten the head for a bit but the dehydration could just get worse and you suffer greater consequences. Getting to the bottom of it is a commitment to totally understand the complexities of our problems and worries with the resolve to deal with it so we can go on with our lives without the burden.

Getting to the bottom of it allows you to take control and make informed decisions in good time. We all suffer from so many different fears some which have been legitimised but will you allow your fears to hold you hostage. Most fears arise from an uncertainty of what ifs and getting to the bottom of it includes the gathering of facts that can empower you to be liberated and in control. If you are convinced you are a terrible public speaker you will always be in knots every time you have to speak before an audience. On the other hand you can open up to understanding what amazing speakers do right, how you can improve and committing to work on yourself to change. Getting to the bottom of it is taking responsibility and control for your state of mind and applying yourself to unpack and deal with your concerns.

It could be a relationship that has suddenly just become unpredictable and difficult,the fear of death or just anxiety about whether your colleague will make it in time for that important client meeting. You have the power to take control of the situation by getting to the bottom of it to figure out what exactly you are concerned about, audit your feelings and thoughts about the situation and choose to do something about the situation. Remember you cannot do everything but you should do everything you can.

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