Monday, 29 October 2012

What Is Your Rhythm?

This Wednesday we pick our success lesson from the Music Industry.
In the music industry there is something called rhythm; regardless of your music taste. Rhythm is defined as a strong, regular repeated pattern of movement or sound or the systematic arrangement of musical sounds, according to duration and periodical stress. That right there is where our learning point is.
Every crooner definitely has to like the rhythm in order to be swayed by the music. Ever noticed how some people can dance to the rhythm of an instrumental piece without vocals on it? Better still how many relate to a musical piece from a neighbouring country in an unknown language.
Clearly rhythm is the heart and soul of music. It makes or breaks the quality of a musical piece. Usually people label a non-appealing artist as one who lacks rhythm.
Humans too have rhythm which in similar manner is the heart and soul of the musical that people listen from their lives. Human rhythm is a regularly recurring sequence of events or actions; a harmonious sequence or correlation of actions, expressions, thought patterns and behaviour.
It’s important for you to determine your rhythm as a success candidate!
Here is how you can clearly define your rhythm and utilise it as a success tool:
1.      Define who you are
Firstly you need to ask yourself what kind of musical genre you are. This is a critical question to ask. Your genre defines the kind of people you reach out to. Music artists define their genre according to what they are good at it and who they want to play for. Identify people you want to enchant with your life and your personality traits then define your rhythm. Which circles do you want to be played in if you were a song? If you are aiming to be a business leader, mould your genre so much that when other business leaders see you they are attracted to you and in turn induct you into their circles.
2.      Put a unique touch to your rhythm?
The key to musicians making a breakthrough is having a unique element in composition that only they can bring. Locally, Macheso stands out with his bass guitar strumming which none can beat, the legendary Tuku is known for great musical arrangement that fuses African sounds with his acoustic guitar bringing out harmonious AfroJazz you can identify with him even before you hear a word. What is unique about your rhythm that will attract a set of fans to you? Fail to put this unique touch and you remain an average artist just like all the uncelebrated artists. Derive your uniqueness from something that only you can do so well that no one can easily mimic and make that your signature.
3.      Don’t Dilute your Rhythm
Because you have seen some artist that is making it big it doesn’t mean you should import their rhythm into your music. Your duty is to define your rhythm till you perfect it. We all celebrate Tuku as legend today but had he wanted to import Leonard Dembo’s or the Bundu Boys rhythm when they were at their peak then there wouldn’t be Tuku Music Today. Tuku stuck to his guns and developed his rhythm over close to 20years to get the recognition that shot him to superstardom. People do not want the same monotonous rhythm. Remember you are the composer of your rhythm as such make it your own and make it work for you. Quit following whoever is making the headlines all the time while failing to define your own rhythm. People will not pay to listen to a replica of Fungisai when Fungisai is actually there.
4.      Create Harmony in your Rhythm
Great rhythms are built on the harmony of various sounds and instruments. The instruments to your rhythm are your various characteristics, traits, habits, actions and behaviours. They should all aim to create on melodious rhythm that becomes one whole musical piece not a collection of various sounds. The subtle blending of all the sounds and instruments will bring the harmony. Know how to arrange all your instruments and compose according to the instruments at your disposal. All your characteristics, behaviours and actions should make you one whole harmonious being that people are amazed to look at. Do not have conflicting traits. All your traits should be pointing to just one person, the rhythm of yourself you are arranging yourself to sound as.
So what is your rhythm? Is that how you want to sound like, or you might want to go back into the studio to reinvent yourself till you bring out the rhythm you want.
Till next week guys, God bless you all.
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  1. and my personal worst kinda rythmn ..... NOISE .... It reaches out to everyone around it, surely gets the attention of everyone but noone actually likes it. Yes it might make you popular but bilieve me its not the kind of popular that you desire.Do not be the one to hv that kind of rythmn. The kind that gets into everyones way



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