Sunday, 21 October 2012

That cheerleader!!!

Hush......listen to that voice of reason.That voice whose  value can not be measured but must be treasured.

Lots  are times when you brush away that positive voice within you.I call it ,the inner cheerleader.This cheerleader ,tells you how powerful and talented you.It tells you ,all the positive attributes that you carry within you.As stubborn as you are ,you choose not to listen to that cheerleader. You choose to listen to those people who say'' you can not start a striving business in these economic hardships''. You listen to those who say ''you will not excel in your studies,no one in your family ,ever did''.

Do yourself  a favor ,forget about what they say,forget about your' so called 'situation, forget about any voice that  belittles your potential.NEVER forget to remember the voice of your own cheerleader.Remember the power in you ,not the challenges around you.From a christian point of view,i would say,GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN YOU ,THAN HE THAT IS IN THE WORLD.[can i get an Amen?].

The power in you can knock down all the Goliaths in your life. It can part the Red sea,it can build up the walls of Jericho,it can survive in a den of lions.Indeed you have amazing power within you. Bring out that power by listening to the positive voice within you.What you listen to ,is what will either build you up or crush you down.What are you listening to these days,or what have you been listening to all your life?.You are where you are today because of what you feed your mind with.

What if what i want to do has never been done before ?,you may ponder. Dear reader ,there is no law that says ,your dreams and aspirations should be  a mere photocopy of what has been done before.Originality is the principal mark of a genius .As long as you feel it within you,DO IT, AND DO IT EXCELLENTLY. You were not born to follow the ideas of others. You were not born to only listen and dance to other people's tunes . Play your own music and dance to it.Actually your inner cheerleader can also sing ..listen to the soothing melodies within you.

Refuse to move from circumstance  to circumstance  but move from decision to decision.Make your choices in life,choices that will not stab you in the back and leave you bleeding regret and shame.Make choices that will take you to a higher level in life.Making decisions out of desperation will only lead you down the drain.Circumstances must not control you but you must control them.You are powerful ,remember? you can achieve anything you set your mind to,remember?

Pause ...Ponder... And Listen to your inner cheerleader.I  am sure that ,right now it is saying'' never ,ever give up,keep pushing hard.There is light at the end of the tunnel''.


  1. Whoop whoop for you miss Ange. You go girl. Wonderful piece there calling on us to pay attention to that lil greatness seed within calling us to rise, run and pursue our greatness.

  2. a saying goes "i was born intelligent,education made me dump" seems to me as if our reasoning and negotiating capacity with ourselves stops us from achieving our desired goals...e greatest enemy of all comes in the name of compromising...well said Angie, kip on the great stuff



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