Thursday, 11 October 2012

Is it the coffee or the mug?

The other day I read an article which was questioning how we attach so much value to the mug and tend to choose our coffee based on the container that it comes in. Given the option of a new mug and chipped mug we would all rather go for the new mug right? But does the quality of the mug reflect anything about the coffee inside?
On reflecting upon that story I was reminded of something I had been trying to figure out recently. I have been reflecting a lot about how we make decisions and judgements about people based on their looks. Yes the looks!! You know how the pretty girl almost always has a wide following-a mixture of admirers and haters. Similarly the best dressed and sharp looking  guy in the group seem more appealing.  Aren’t we are all naturally drawn to the beautiful, the handsome, the tall, the light and the rich? I would think we want the companionship of a person who is genuinely concerned about us, someone who can be reliable and honest when we need someone to chat to,  someone who can celebrate with us when we have aced that exam or finally got our that provisional driver’s license.
Shift to careers and jobs. What is it that we want in a job? To most of us working for a well established organisation appears to be the grand start to a magnificent career as we are guaranteed a good salary, medical aid, car loan, the job security and all other benefits a dream job can offer. However, at the end of the day if you are going to work long hours every day such that by the time you go home you are so drained you do not even enjoy driving your fancy car, you get home and you are too tired to play with the children you work so hard for, you are constantly exhausted you are always unwell and fully utilising that medical aid, is the job worth it?
It appears as if really deciding on the type of coffee you want is critical. Yes the nice mug is the cherry on top of the cake.  Imagine having the nicest cup in the room but without sugar or too much sugar or too little coffee. Take time to establish the exact type of coffee you want-what is that you want in a relationship? Real life scenario the coffee is what it is that we really want in our lives. Is it a God fearing partner to help us through the valleys? Do we want to be understood? To be respected? Someone you have a lot in common with? Someone who really cares for you or go the extra mile for you? In a friend, is it someone who can patiently assist and bear with your flaws? Someone who loves and appreciates you? 
My thinking..yes it would be great if you would got everything you wanted in a good looking package but at the end of the day remember what you want is the coffee and not the mug. Friends, let us not obsess over the mug.....specify the coffee you want and search for that! If you find it in a good looking cup, yippee yay for you but remember the mug is just a container and it will only count for so long. I know of sisters who have the hottest guy in the room but the brother is disrespectful; a player who attacks and kills the sisters self esteem. I know of guys who dated the prettiest girl in the room but would dread  leaving the room because the sister is such a flirt who makes him so insecure or just a mean person who just shoots down his thoughts and ideas. I know of people who work for the most reputable organisations who are frustrated by their work. They may not enjoy it so much but hey they do work for the organisation, have the good looking guy and the pretty girlfriend. So what if they are frustrated, are abused or have become so insecure, everyone else admires what it looks like from the outside right?? Is it the coffee or the mug we are chasing in this world? Please share your thoughts friends.....

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  1. i think i have been askng myself that question for long and have realised the world s attracted to packages that r wel wrappd and colourful bt e mst genuine and best thngs come in e ordinary and unattractive packages so its e coffee . That ws a well written piece Taffy keep on kipin on



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