Sunday, 14 October 2012

Don't Stop Learning

Leaders are learners.  They are perpetual learners who can never stop learning. Leaders are readers. You can not lead when you can not read. While being literate is a good thing just remember the quote which goes, "He who does not read has no absolute advantage over he who can not read."

Never come to a point where you stop learning in life. There is no such point for all people that are alive. Make it a point that you learn something new on a daily basis. Learning does not only take place in the classroom or University lecture theatre. It takes place daily. Every place we get to has opportunities and a chance for us to learn something new and helpful.

Be prepared to learn every time. Look out for learning opportunities and also create some for yourself and others. Failure to learn will result in your life stagnating and plateauing. This is simply because there is no growth if there is no corresponding learning.

One of the sure ways to learn is reading. Be a voracious reader. Start assimilating great knowledge and information that will help improve and enhance your life, thereby resulting in growth.

There are many other ways of learning but whichever way make it a point you are always learning.

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