Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Communicating for Success

People make the first impression in the first 5 seconds that they meet a person. First impressions usually determine how you will relate in all the following interactions you will have. Ever wondered what this impression is that people always refer to and how it comes about?
An impression is a picture of yourself that other people will have of you. This means that an impression is a result of your communication.
It is very important to know what you are communicating and how you are communicating it. Communication is more intense and involving than speaking.
Be sure of the message you send across because most people will judge you and make decisions about you based on the message that you communicate about yourself. Thus it’s important to understand that communication is a key ingredient of success. How you communicate determines what opportunities you get. This is a fact believe it or not! Your success will be determined by what you communicate and to whom you communicate.
Let’s now explore some of the ways that you can use to send a positive message about yourself that will attract opportunities and therefore success for you.
Have self-awareness- communication starts at personal level before you can even communicate with others. Some of the questions you need to ask yourself are who you are and what you really stand for. This will help you in your communication with other people as at times it will radiate to others. It will also help you focus on what you want people to know about you when you communicating.
Speak for success- everyone can speak but not everyone can speak effectively. If you are a candidate for success you have to know that whenever you open your mouth you have two possibilities; either to create opportunities or repel opportunities. Remember everyone can say something but whenever you say something it should help people understand you better and make them desire to know you better and engage you in some meaningful things. When you are in public just don’t say things that don’t matter, people will measure you based to the words that you say. Know where to be serious and where to joke. You should also be able to convince people when you speak.
Develop Effective writing skills- writing is a key form of communication especially in these days where organisations want everything communicated to be written down for records purposes. You should develop into a powerful writer who can be understood even without backing up your writing with verbal explanations. Most people think that writing is about throwing big words often in their pieces to show how educated they are. That is a wrong perception. Instead a good writer should be understood without difficulty by his intended audience. When you communicate your intention is to be understood and not to confuse the reader. Use simple language that has a logical flow and writing that will capture your audience till the end of the written piece.
Request for feedback- feedback is a response of your communication from those that receive it. It is very important because it helps you to know whether you are understood or not and whether you are effectively communicating or not. Ask for feedback from the people that are close to you since they know you better. Do not be defensive when they give you feedback if you want them to give you objective feedback. They will tell you your strengths in communication and the areas of improvement. Use this feedback to then improve your communication.
Social Networking- like said before who you know determines your success. This does not mean that your success will come through corruption or nepotism as most would think. However the honest truth is you should make sure that some influential people know your strengths and are convinced so that when opportunities arise they are able to match you with them. The best salesmen have made their sales over cocktails and at social events. Know the right places and the people to meet. It will ultimately determine the opportunities that you get. Find associations and clubs to join, they help you get your skills noticed.
By Glen Dhliwayo

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