Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Only Your Attitude determines your Altitude

By Munya Mahiya

Your attitude impacts on your life's outcome. Growing up I had 
aspirations of being a national team soccer player but another 
destiny I could not foresee awaited me. The day i got disabled
was the day I gained freedom to dream without fear of any
limitations. My disability allowed me to dream bigger and better 
and now I am a professional wheelchair basketball player. I 
realised that instead of mopping and complaining that I got 
lemons out of life I decided  to enjoy them with a shot of 
tequila, ha-ha seriously though my message is change your life
so that  it can be fruitful. 
A great lesson from my fellow colleagues
and friends in the disabled community is each obstacle is
a stepping stone if you have the right attitude. It is the 
apocalypse of the genesis of one's real destiny.This is 
but a transformation that seeks to improve the versatility 
and diversity of one's nature. In life there are many hurdles 
but endure and overcome them  with a positive attitude so 
that at the end you can say look at me now, this is the 
foundation of strength and willpower to overcome your obstacles.
Don’t live in  regret, don’t compromise or improvise but overcome 
and later say look at me now  as a reflection of your endurance
and willpower to live your dream. Achieve and say look at me now.
 Food for thought

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