Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Celebrate Your Success

This writing is in celebration of a milestone since I started blogging. I write this blog as I celebrate 1000 views on the blog.  To many people this might not be a milestone worth celebrating when there are some bloggers who get over a 1000views a day. That’s the essence of my writing today. In as much as I wish to be the most successful blogger in Africa or even the world I embrace my milestones as they come. Such is the way I live my life daily. I am happy every time I make progress no matter how small the progress is; this is because I have learnt to appreciate my day of small beginnings.
Why is it important to celebrate our success even the small victories like a thousand views on a blog that has a target market of billions of people a day?  It is because people consolidate on past victories. When running a marathon each time you pass a mile flag you are encouraged more because the prize is getting closer. Patting yourself on the back after any achievement will give fuel to continue down the journey to success no matter how hard it will get. Not setting milestones and celebrating them might lead to frustration. This is because human patience has an elastic limit which it cannot stretch further than if there is no sign of a victory. The human soul quickly loses hope or faith when there is not even the faintest gleam of success showing. However for people set on a mission, who have set their goals with inherent milestones that show sign of progress, achieving those milestones is motivation to keep going. They will endure whatever hardship that comes their way because they know that it can be done and they have seen signs of it.
We do not evaluate our life in comparison to other people’s life. We evaluate self against our own goals and set targets. It is important to realise that life is not a competition with other people, but a mission to live our purpose and achieve our goals. Hence it becomes a reason worthy to celebrate our victories, even when they seem small enough in comparison to what other people have achieved.
After celebrating victories, successes and milestones along the way it is important to recharge self for the journey and keep in mind the destination. Never lose track because of small victories that come your way, but take them as a lay bye along the road to the destination. You know what people do when driving in highways. They stop to refresh, picnic and rest then carry forth with the journey. Your success should be a lay bye not a detour. A detour takes you off the road, but a lay bye recharges and refreshes you. Myles Munroe says the enemy of success is past achievements so be wary of it and never be complacent.
By Glen Dhliwayo                                                                                     

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