Monday, 27 February 2012

Creating Valuable People Relations part 1

Most organizations are evaluated using the value of assets that the organization has.  People are busy valuing their worth using the financial and material possessions that they have. This is an easy way of evaluating the worth of an organization that can be easily ascertained and accepted across board. While money and possessions determine our worth there is one great resource which is the base and foundation of all resources that a lot of people hardly consider if at all they consider it. This foundation and basic resource is the Human Capital/ Resource of an individual or organizations. Many contemporary writers and authorities on leadership and management have grasped this fundamental truth and now prescribe it to organizations and leaders whom they advise. John C Maxwell always say that, “everything rises and falls on leadership.”  I totally subscribe to his assertion. It is a leader’s attitude towards his people that determines the productivity of his people.
There are leaders who are so obsessed about red tape and bureaucracy and the least concerned about people. This is the most reliable recipe for dismal failure. Humans or people are, and should be, the greatest and most valued asset of any organization. As important as it is people disregard this fundamental fact. Humans like any living organisms respond to stimuli. So it means in order to get a certain response from humans there is a stimuli that should be inputted. I know that Steven Covey in 7 Habits wrote saying that between stimulus and response humans have a choice. This is true, but this for humans who have developed their life skills, and we will agree that those are the few ones. To be assured of a favourable response just put in the right stimulus to get favourable responses from everyone. Instead of being obsessed with protocols, methodology you can decide to be focused on people. We have a choice of being task oriented leaders, who believe that humans are like machines or understand that human behaviour requires motivation and therefore such motivation and inspiration should be provided.

By Glen Dhliwayo
Glen Dhliwayo is a young leader from Zimbabwe, who is a writer and inspirational speaker. You can contact him for life coaching and personal development sessions with young people. He is a Speaker and facilitator at leadership trainings and has served in leadership at various levels and sectors up to national level. He has trained in Youth Leadership and has certificates in leadership development and counselling, he is also a University undergraduate student, studying for a B.Tech Hons in Engineering

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  1. Very true. The success of Michael Jackson wasn't based on his money and related resources, It was centered around him. He was so good at surrounding himself with people who were at the top of their game(producers, graphic designers, video directors, etc) and was able to manipulate them so that in the end, an amazing world-class item was produced.

    Give 100 people from a similar background USD1000 each and you'll see what I'm talking about. The difference in the spending of the money will show you that the human resource if by far more important than any resource.

    I would suggest all employers give their employees an extra USD10 allowance to buy "Destined for Greatness" as a way of investing in their people resources!



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