Monday, 27 February 2012

Creating Valuable People Relations Part 2

I always bring my arguments to the person even when dealing with organisational issues. Like the cell makes tissues and an organism, individuals make organizations. So when we want to better understand a macro scale unit they might be need to investigate and better understand the micro scale units of the unit. As an individual I have understood that humans are the only factor of production I have. I have tried to imagine a factor of production I have whose basis is not people, and I have agonisingly failed to identify one. Everything that I want or need is in the hands of a certain person somewhere. This is a fact believe it or not. Even if you think you are self-sufficient as a person you can never establish anything without people, either as recipients or as suppliers. In my young leadership career I have realised that all the growth I have made was at the mercy of some other person who I might not even know at times.
To convince the doubtful ones I will give a few examples. In order to get a bank loan someone has to agree and sign a bank loan so that I get it, this means my task is to convince that person to do it. If I need a job someone (might be a panel) will make the decision either to employ me or not. To sale my merchandise someone has to decide whether to buy from me or some other person. To win an election someone has to decide between voting me in and voting in rival candidates. I am a Christian and I believe in God working miracles, but still again God uses people to do miracles in other peoples’ life. It then means you can never escape the reality of relations. I hear a lot of people saying statements like, “I don’t care about what people say about me or think about me.” But for all those who desire to make it in life, I will give you free advice, “Start caring about how other people see you and perceive of you.” All great leaders had to communicate and relate at one point and time.
Now, being conscious that people are important does not mean striving to be liked by all at your expense. I would better like being understood by all men than being liked by all men. I will tell you one simple law of people relations which is easy to implement. “People reflect back exactly what you give them.” If you want people to have confidence in you radiate confidence. When you want people to be friendly, just show them how. If you want people to respect you start by respecting yourself. Never ask of people what you cannot give, especially as a leader.
By Glen Dhliwayo
Glen Dhliwayo is a young leader from Zimbabwe, who is a writer and inspirational speaker. You can contact him for life coaching and personal development sessions with young people. He is a Speaker and facilitator at leadership trainings and has served in leadership at various levels and sectors up to national level. He has trained in Youth Leadership and has certificates in leadership development and counselling, he is also a University undergraduate student, studying for a B.Tech Hons in Engineering

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