Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Wait for the real deal!

Have you ever gone window shopping? Quiet often if you look through shop windows you will see beautiful things with a price tag attached. You will also see cell phones in some shop windows, they too will have a price tag attached but you will usually see some written tag nearby that reads, “These are dummy phones.” That note next to the phones remind would be thieves not to be break in for the phones they see in the windows because they are not the real deal; they are just dummies.
Life too will occasionally throw us some dummies in our path. Dummies, in our life path are things that appear to be what we really want when in actual fact they are not the real thing. Almost every valuable thing we require in life has a dummy existing somewhere. It is important to always then remind ourselves that dummies are not originals because unlike shop windows, life does not have dummy signs.
Remember it needs a person to be conscious to be able to tell a dummy apart from the real deal because the dummy was made to specifically resemble the real deal. The dummy will look just like the real deal, but unfortunately it will never function or work likes one. A lot of people are frustrated in life because they quickly settled for the dummy instead of patiently waiting for the real deal.
In order to avoid settling for dummies in your life you need to clearly identify and define what you really want in life. Define what you need to the last detail because failure to do so means anything that looks close to what you want can pass for the real thing. Your chances of falling for the dummy are very high when you do not really know what you want. The unfortunate thing is you will know you got a dummy instead of the real deal the moment you become unhappy with what you got though you thought it was best for you at one moment.
Let’s look at some of the common dummies people fall for:
·         Educational or Career Dummies
Most people in the 21st century have come to realise the value of education and therefore have desired to pursue education to the highest possible levels. This come with challenges though because with each higher level you seek you are required to specialise into some area and this has caused many problems as  most people have fallen for the dummies instead of the real deal. What you really want is to go to A level and study an area of your passion but usually most students fall for the dummy because they easily accept what they are told to do by teachers or school authorities even when they do not like it. The same happens even at University entry level. Most people will agree that their first degrees were dummies but not what they really wanted, they were enticed by the idea of just being in University and just taking up any programme they are offered. But was that the real deal? These educational choices will eventually determine the career path you take in your life. So the chances of falling for a dummy career are high if you fall for a dummy educational path. Just remember to get the right and proper career guidance before you make any choice otherwise you will fall for a dummy and miss the original.
·         Relationships
Most people do not know what they are looking for in relationships so they end up falling for anyone that comes their way. Appearances will easily deceive people such that people eventually fall for the dummy even when the real deal is right next to them. If you find yourself solely making a partner choice based on their looks or what they have you might just accept that you will end up with a dummy. The real deal will be found when you start looking at who a person really is besides their looks or what they have. Be aware that when you are dating you are not looking for the most beautiful person or the most handsome young man. You are not looking for the most popular girl or guy neither are you looking for the most rich person because all that could be seen as appearances. What you really need to look at primarily is whether you can live with the person and be truly happy with them as they are. Off course then the looks can be the bonus.
Do not focus on looks and appearances, they can be deceiving. Look for what really matters and you will surely get the real deal.
The writer is a motivational speaker
He can be contacted on glendhliwayo@gmail.com

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