Monday, 5 November 2012

Say The Truth And The Truth Shall Set You Free

By Emecheta Chrisstian

There is a very popular saying which originated from the bible which says, "Say the truth and the truth shall set you free.'' This saying is used almost on a daily basis by many, but its true meaning expands above the
ordinary words of mouth which so many people understand it to be. It cuts across words, actions and even our own inner thoughts. The oxford English dictionary defines truth as the state or quality of being true.
Let’s now view how this short advice explains a whole lot to humanity. We start with a lady whose original dress size is 40. She goes to the market and buys a size 38, knowing that it's two digits below her normal size just because she wants to look trendy. That lady is lying to herself, because no matter how she tries to pretend, her body would never get comfortable in the dress which would definitely show in her expression and body language.
Let’s take another example, a boy is good at making music and writing songs but his parents are forcing him into enrolling in a law school when his whole heart desires  studying music. This set of parents is lying to themselves and to the kid because even if the boy later in life ends up being a lawyer, his heart would be filled with hate and disgust towards his carrier and his parents, thereby leaving him stressed out always and bringing worry to his parents.
Let’s touch another point, a lazy young man who sits by the roadside watching nice and flashy cars zoom past him. He keeps thinking of the day he would drive his, without thinking of getting a job. That young man is seriously lying to himself which may end him up in jail for robbery.
On summarising this topic further we come to discover ''self-imprisonment'' which I believe is what God wants to explain to humanity with that short advice. Self-imprisonment is very
dangerous and could be more degrading than being a prisoner. You lock your real self inside and try as much as possible to transform into something you know little or nothing about. This virus as I choose to call it can only be killed by accepting the truth in our words of mouth, our daily thoughts and every action we carry out whenever and where ever.  ''So just say the truth if you don't want to be imprisoned
by lies.''



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