Friday, 2 November 2012

Hey!! Before you walk away....

Have you ever felt like there are times when certain issues just follow you around.  From one relationship to another you feel taken for granted over and over again. One job to another your boss is still presenting the same ridiculous demands? Could it be that the whole world has plotted to frustrate you in the same way over and over again? It is not right that people treat you this way and you really do not have to take any more of this. It makes sense to walk out of that job, relationship, partnership or friendship and believe the next time it will be different. But before you walk away lets ponder on a thought....what's your part in this recurring problem?
Someone suggested that people are not as indispensable as we make them seem. Allow me to make a call to deeper introspection before planning an exit strategy from these situations that we cannot stand. It would be painful at the end of the day to realise we walked away from situations that could have taken us to greater heights had we taken responsibility for our own part.  People react or treat us in certain ways because we have given them the impression that they can do that and it’s acceptable. Sometimes it is easier to just blame other people for our circumstances. It is easier to feel people do not respect us or treat us right. I will acknowledge in the greatness race there are some people who are naturally difficult, some downright manipulative and some demanding slave drivers who will always expect more and more and more. But when the same problem appears over and over again in different situations and circumstances maybe it’s time we brought the witch-hunting closer to home.
It may be time to look within for the problem and consequent solution within us. It is time to acknowledge the part we play in our own lives and situations. What are the things that usually happen just before arguments or altercations of that nature? What usually triggers the arguments around how you are perceived in the way you do not like? What part do you play in all this? What are the things that you say and do that may trigger certain treatment or feelings from those around you. Could all your bosses/teachers have unrealistic expectations or you are probably really failing to perform up to the agreed standards. What have you done in the past that may have necessitated certain habits in others? When people around you repeatedly seek confirmation or constantly follow you up, probably you have not given them reason to trust you will deliver without constant follow up. If people are constantly disappointing you, could it be that your expectations from them are too high. Have you given the impression that it is okay for people to manipulate you in certain ways and not stood up for yourself? What have you done in all these circumstances that you walked away from?
You are a wonderful person who deserves to be treated right and respectfully but when you face the same problem in different circumstances repeatedly there is a need to look deeper within yourself and evaluate your own bit. If you have walked from so many jobs, friends, partners and places for a recurring problem, Hey!! Before you walk away from this one, look closer to home and ask yourself what YOU are doing in all this....

Taffy is a young woman called to inspire and motivate others unto greatness.

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