Sunday, 19 August 2012

You are a Treasure Box

Our story was motivated by the movie industry as we get lessons from the moviemakers. See movie watching can come with some great insight hey!!You guys have definitely watched some movies where people had to go on a treasure hunt. Bet you had never made the analogy between what happens in such treasure hunt movies and your own life.
Often when we watch movies, treasure is depicted as, hidden riches that you get only when you search/hunt for them.
Wikipedia defines treasure as a concentration of riches, often one which is considered lost or forgotten until being rediscovered.
Now, what God has inspired in each one of us is likened to treasure hidden within. In the movies, because treasure is of immense value the people who hid the treasure had to conceal it so much that they would draw a map to the treasure site so you could not locate the treasure site without it. On arriving at the site you just don’t get easy pickings, but you have to dig and sweat till you get the buried treasure. The treasure only realises its full value after it has been polished.
This analogy is also applicable to the gems and nuggets of treasure hidden within us. Just because you know God has called you to be a Doctor, accountant, consultant, preacher and president it does not follow that one day you will just wake up and find yourself there.
You too have your own treasure within and. It might be that gift or talent to sing so melodiously and touch the hearts of people. It could be that ability to speak so well that you can easily convince your audience, or it could be your ability to run so well, given the right training and mental attitude you could perform on the world stage just like Ussain Bolt. Whatever it is that you have within you that could make the world marvel is the treasure that is within you, the treasure box.
Just like in the movies, traps will be set for those that want to pursue the treasure. Those who hid the treasure had to ensure the road to the treasure was almost inaccessible so it would not be easy to get. Only the brave would be able to redeem the treasure. The same goes even for you when you pursue the journey towards success.
You might have to work your way to your destiny through trials and tribulations. There are guidelines and paths for you to follow. You will also face hardships. Detours are also found along the way that leads to your destiny. It takes people with character to realise their potential, set goals towards it and finally achieve. Those that won’t be swayed by the difficulties they face on their way to the treasure site, but instead those people that realise that the level of difficult they face is an indication of how far they are from the treasure. If it still easy you are not yet there but when it gets really difficult you are almost there.
Whether you chose to explore yourself or not you too are like a treasure box which when opened great value is realised. It’s not somewhere else but within you so why don’t you explore yourself and find that.

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