Friday, 4 May 2012


Do you have habits that can destroy you? Why should you keep a habit that destroys you? Is there any habit that you are unable to break?
Why keep a habit that can derail you from your glorious destiny? We all know this to be true that we all have or at one time had habits that can bring us to the ground if not stopped. Some of us have harboured and nursed these habits for such a long time they have become a part of them. Such habits are just like a time bomb which you can carry and live with; but the end is eventually it will explode on you. Some of these habits are so petty like never being time conscious and some as grave and dangerous as substance abuse. You know the habit you have that you are supposed to break before it breaks you. Never underestimate any adverse habit because that small little habit is what will destroy. Small things like procrastination, never keeping time, just throwing words, lying, inter alia, have stopped many people from achieving their destinies. Like I said you know your habits that you should break.
Who is responsible for breaking a habit and how should you do it? I am not going to prescribe a 10 step process to breaking bad habits but I am going to tell you just a simple one step practise. One step, really? I know someone is asking all that. Yes one step. The answer is you and only you can break any habit. How? Do it by just stopping it; simply stopping it. I know the power of human will if truly exercised. If you really want to stop and make up your mind to stop you will stop. Just stop it before it kills you. Decide today with me to stop any bad habit and see after some time if you will still have it. It’s simply a matter of genuinely deciding to break the habit and then working on it. Before you know it you will be over that bad habit.
I take a pledge with you today to write a list of all bad habits that I have that can stop me and kill me. I make a conscious decision to stop that habit before it kills me. I know ultimately we will prevail. To put the icing on the cake I will replace each bad habit with a new good habit. Replace fear with belief, lying with honesty, selfishness with considering others.
Only you have the power to stop that bad habit before it kills you!
By Glen Dhliwayo

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