Sunday, 22 April 2012


This edition of 365 Power Quotes is about joy and happiness. I realise that a lot of people spent most of their time worrying and in fear but forget to be happy and to maintain their joy. No matter what happens to you ultimately it is your responsibility to maintain your joy in all situations. Hope you will be motivated and inspired.
God bless you all and wishing you a great and fruitful week.

Day 1
The joy of the lord is your strength.
-          The Holy Bible (Nehemiah 8:10)
Day 2
A joy shared is a joy doubled
-          Johann Wolfgang  Von Goethe
Day 3
Your joy and happiness is your own responsibility, never hand it over to someone, else you might never be happy for all your life.
-Glen Dhliwayo
Day 4
Joy lightens up the soul and sets it in a trailblazing path of achievement, success and fulfilment.
-Glen Dhliwayo
Day 5
Never lose your joy and happiness, they are the lubrication for your soul; progress is hard to achieve without them.
-          Glen Dhliwayo
Day 6
Find happiness and passion in your job or occupation and see it cease to become work. Do what you enjoy doing in life and you will see the end of your daily misery.
-Glen Dhliwayo
Day 7
Nobody cares if you are miserable, so you might as well be happy.
-          Cynthia Nelms
Bonus quote
Happiness is a magnet that attracts people to you. Keep your soul flickering and sparking happiness always.
-Glen Dhliwayo

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