Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Continuous Development

“I am happy and satisfied when I attain my goals; but in the midst of celebration I am quick to realise that I can still do more. Then I set myself new goals. It’s a vicious cycle.” – Glen Dhliwayo
Satisfaction with our accomplishments and success can be the place where our dreams and life plateaus. Complacency has a way of creeping in every time we celebrate. It is recommended to celebrate our accomplishments; to take time to congratulate our self and let it all sink in.  but we should not dwell much on the place of accomplishments, rather we should quickly shift our attention to new and more challenging goals.
Humans are creatures of growth and progress. They continuously develop and get better. I don’t know any human who has ever expended all their energy and done all that could be done. What that means is that in life there are always challenges for motivated people and therefore no point of arrival. Life is a journey of development from the point of conception to the point of death. If you stop growing then you are dead. And when trees dry while they are still rooted they cease to produce the same applies for humans. Your life should continuously have a season of working and producing.
I at all times seek growth opportunities, challenges and problems to solve; that is the only way I know how to grow. I can never imagine my life without challenges, and goals to meet. It will be dull, uninteresting and a mere routine of working up and going to bed. That is what I call death. I do not allow my immediate and past victories to cloud my vision and resolve for continuous development. I build on everything good that happens to me and on every victory that I attain. That way my life is exciting and alive.
By Glen Dhliwayo

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