Saturday, 19 November 2011

Breakthroughs follow good visions

It is always darkest before dawn. A seed has to rot first before it germinates. You do not go down to remain there, but at times you go down so as to go up. In the words of Dr Myles Munroe,   "you first have to be bankrupt before you become a millionaire."

You should be encouraged to carry on even in the midst of adversity. It is always steepest before you get to the mountain top, so when things turn for the worst and you know you have a worthy vision never discard or throw it away. Victory is always inevitable to those who are armed with a real vision. Breakthroughs always come when all hope is lost. The reason why most of us fail to meet with our breakthroughs in life is because we give up to soon. We are the click generation that requires to have things at the click of a mouse. We have so much grown accustomed to easy come things.

When you expect a huge breakthrough you need great temperance, you need to be able to carry on even if victory is not in sight. Thomas Edison had to try over a 1000 times before he got the incandescent bulb invention working. Whenever you have a vision that faces no resistance then know that it is not a good vision. Adversity is a sign that you are going somewhere. all good things come to those who wait. Not only do they come after some time, but they come with a price. How much are you willing to pay for your vision to go through? What sacrifice are you willing to pay? I always give the fast food example, borrowed from my Pastor. She said that the time you are willing to wait for your food to be prepared determines the quality of the food you expect to be served. If you walk into a fast food outlet and expect a 3 course meal at the speed of a burger then you are in a wrong place. The burger comes in cheap too compared to a 3 course meal. However the nourishment you derive from fast foods is not the same as you would get from a well prepared wholesome meal.
Never seek short cuts  even when a break through seems far away. One thing I know is a break through will always be availed for people that have real visions.
So never give up, but be encouraged to accomplish the goal at hand. A breakthrough will always follow hard work.

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